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  All translation projects undergo a multi-layered process of checks and reviews in order to ensure the highest degree of quality. Over the past 14 years, we’ve developed our 10-Step Quality Assurance process, which enables us to deliver spot-on translations and the highest-quality output. LocaTran Tanslations will ensure that the value you've created with your brand is effectively communicated in your target content so that your audience in the marketplace will be better informed.
  1. Project Review
  The project manager (PM), completes a review of the project's overall scope:
  Task analysis: A review of the overall scope of the project: timeline, requirements, files, final file delivery and etc.
  Project planning: A customized translation process workflow based on your specific needs
  Information sharing: To ensure that all team members understand the process and know what is expected each step of the way
  2. Translation Preparation
  We focus on quality at the front end with a proactive approach before starting the translation. Preventive quality control includes:
  The preliminary research and collection of reference files, which are made available to our translators
  Cleanup or re-creation of the source file in order to process well-formatted documents through SDL Trados
  Development of translation guidelines and detailed instructions for translators
  3. Glossary Development
  For large-scale projects, we recommend the development of a glossary so that translators can refer to it as they work with your materials. If time constraints prevent us from developing a glossary up front, we'll recommend that one be compiled upon completion of the project. That way, you'll have an established list of approved terms to ensure consistency in subsequent projects.
  4. Translation
  Translator expertise is the primary determinant of translation quality. Therefore, at the translation stage the project manager places the translation with a linguist who is native in the target language, doing so on the basis of the content and the linguist's expertise in the subject matter. (We use only translators who are native in the target language.) The translator will process the materials and return it to the project manager for review.
  5. Editing
  All initial translations are reviewed by a second, equally qualified professional translator/editor to ensure the quality of the content. Because language translation is a human endeavor, we’re realistic about the fact that errors or stylistic differences may occur, regardless of how qualified a translator may be. That’s why we have more than one set of qualified eyes review every translation, specifically targeting grammar, typography, word choice, etc. Of course, translator performance is evaluated and rated in our internal system.
  6. Translation Review
  The editor, having reviewed the initial translation, incorporates the comments and submits them to the original translator. The original translator will use his/her discretion to accept or reject the suggested changes. If a client asks to review the translation prior to formatting, we'll ask them to track the changes in the submitted drafts.
  7. Formatting
  Our DTP team will precisely format each translation to match the original material while also being sensitive to the audience’s cultural nuances. Normally, we'll format your translation with the same application that was used for the layout of your source document. However, in some cases we may choose an application that is better suited to a target language’s fonts and other requirements. Your project manager will work with you to ensure that all deliverables meet your requirements.
  8. Quality Assurance and Proofreading
  Once we've finished formatting your material, we'll produce a mechanical proof to determine that:
  The layout matches the source language document
  The correct fonts have been used
  The headers and footers are consistent with the source-language document
  Proper names are spelled correctly
  The pagination matches the source document and the text flows correctly
  All source language updates have been incorporated
  Margins, graphics and positioning are correct
  9. Final Translator Review
  One of our in-house translators or the original translator will conduct a final review of your project to ensure that the text has been formatted correctly. He/she will verify that words have been hyphenated properly and nothing has been omitted from the text during the formatting stage.
  10.  Final Check/Delivery
  Your project manager will gather all the final deliverables, confirming that they meet your original specifications.