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Any company that offers services for a wide range of industries must have understanding in key fields. This expertise is particularly important in translation and localization. We have developed a search and adoption system of linguistic data called LT-Knowledge, based on more than ten years of experience. It encompasses a massive language base, including the comprehensive expression of languages, vocabularies and sentences. When the given vocabulary is searched, it automatically lists the corresponding translations, explanations, definitions and examples according to the particular industries, languages and classifications, so that the user can select the most accurate semantics and deliver a more comprehensive, natural and fluent translation. Furthermore, our professionals constantly add to this with bilingual comparison and lingual database from Internet, which has its own search format, in order to meet the need for language data. LocaTran Translations has thus established a solid foundation for accurate and efficient localization.

LocaTran Translations has the most authoritative style guides in the industry, covering English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Italian and other languages, a practical glossary of each industry together with translation memory (TM) that has undergone years of careful maintenance to ensure the presentation of superior-quality work regardless of personnel allocation.