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Our use of translation memory and terminology management tools ensures you don't waste time or money translating the same words over and over. It also ensures that consistent language and terminology are used throughout all of your projects. These tools have the immediate benefit of providing efficiency and consistency within your current project. They also become assets that can stay with you over time and which offer tremendous value and savings.

Translation Memory
LocaTran Translations utilizes a variety of resource editors and translation memory tools to automate recurrent translation work. Translation memory is essentially a database of previous translations in which the source and the target language strings have been broken down into segments. When a subsequent text is compared with the original, the memory identifies the equivalent translated segments and inserts them into the new target text. In addition, "fuzzy matching" allows segments that are similar, but not identical, to the original to be inserted and then edited.
By leveraging your previously translated materials, you save both time and money. This also strengthens the consistency of your message across all of your international communications.
Terminology Management
Glossary development is a critical aspect of the translation process. Before beginning any translation, Scribe Consulting reviews the project files as well as previously translated client material for recurring, company-specific terminology. These terms are incorporated into client glossaries that, once approved by the client, are used by all members of our translation team. This ensures that your content and terminology remain consistent throughout all of your projects. When all team members have instant access to the most current and appropriate terminology, you improve quality, cut editing time and strengthen the effectiveness of your message.
CAT tools we use:
SDL Trados
Idiom Desktop Workbench
Déjà vu
XTM Cloud
Corel Catalyst