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Partnership 合伙

1.A partnership is anassociationof two or more persons to carry on a business forprofit. 合伙企业是指两个或两个以上个人为盈利而形成的商业联合体。 2.Each partner is viewed as the other's agent. 每个合伙人都被视为其他合伙人的代理人。 3.Every partner may take part in the management of the partnership business. 每个合伙人都可以参与合伙企业的业务管理。 4.Family partnership is one in which the partners are members of a family. 家庭合伙是指合伙人均为家庭成员的合伙。 5.No partner shall beentitledtoremunerationfor acting in the partnership business. 任何合伙人都无权因参与合伙企业务活动而获得报酬。 6.Partners are taxed as individuals and are personallyliablefortorts andcontractualobligations. 合伙人按个人纳税,并以个人名义承担侵权和合同责任。 7.Unless it is a limited partnership, it need not be established in writing. 除非属于有限责任性质,否则不需要书面结束合伙关系。 8.The other partners shall, under the same condition, enjoypriorityin obtaining theassignment. 其他合伙人在同等条件下有优先购买权。 9.The partnership books are to be kept at the place of business of the partnership or the principal place. 合伙企业的账簿应当保存在企业营业处或者企业总部。 10.Traditionally, a firm is referred to a partnership, as opposed to company. Firm是指与公司相对的合伙企业。

Customs&tariff 海关和关税

1.All imports must be declared to customs. 所有过口货物必须报关。 2.How long will it take us to pass through Customs? 完成通关手续需要多长时间? 3.Likeretaliationtariff,preferentialtariff is used as a weapon in international relations. 与报复性关税一样,特惠关税也被用作国际关系中的武器。 4.The customsformalitiesfor theexportationof the followingcargohave beendulycompleted. 下列货物的出关手续已正式结清。 5.The Customs Bureau accepts certain foreign exports free of duty. 海关总署允许免税进口几种外国商品。 6.The duty on automobiles will be abolished soon. 汽车关税即将取消。 7.The government decided to raise tariff walls against foreign goods. 政府决定提高关税壁垒,抵制外国商品。 8.Thepenaltiesfor cheating customs are very severe. 对关税欺诈的惩罚非常严重。 9.Theshutoutswill soon be sent to thewarehouse. 退关货物很快就存入仓库。 10.To impose a heavy duty on the imports of steel is unreasonable. 对钢材进口征收高关税是不合理的。

Negligence 过失行为

1.Did the other person act negligently? 别人的行为有过错吗? 2.If you are more than 50 percent responsible, you may not be able to recover damages in thenegligenceaction. 如果你的责任超过50,%,在此过失诉讼中,您可能无法获得赔偿。 3.In most civil contexts it does not matter whether negligence is "gross" or "slight" . 在大多数民事环境中,过失是“严重”还是“轻微”并不重要。 4.In most states contributory negligence has been superceded by comparative negligence. 混合过失在大多数州都被比较过失所取代。 5.In regard to negligence, think of duty broadly as an obligation to protect the safety of others. 在谈及过失时,责任应被视为保护他人安全的广义义义务。 6.Involuntarymanslaughtercan be based on criminal negligence. 基于过失犯罪可以建立非故意非预谋杀人罪。 7.Negligence can also be a criminal offense. 过失行为也可能成为犯罪。 8.Usually negligence is a tort. 过失通常是侵权。 9.You could bring a claim of negligence against the railroad company. 你可以对铁路公司提出过失主张。 10.You have the grounds for a negligence action. 你有理由提起过失诉讼。