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Shirk responsibility? No!


“Hold the provincial-level Party chiefs accountable.”


Xi made the remark while urging provincial Party chiefs to rectify the local problems uncovered bycentral inspection teams and strengthen Party disciplines.


“Never dream about feigning innocence and playing a peacemaker. ”


Xi urged Party and disciplinary committees at all levels to shoulder the responsibility of fightingcorruption, warning that officials who turn a blind eye to local graft issues and take a “none–of-my-business” attitude shall be held accountable.


“Where were the main-duty holders?”


Xi demanded that local senior officials be held responsible if corruption becomes rampant in theiradministrative regions.


Never seek illegal economic gains.


“They just laugh it off!”


Xi criticized some officials for squandering public funds. He noted that rules in managing publicmoney should be with the utmost respect and focus.


“A minor problem?”


Xi warned that the practices of recklessly receiving gifts or sending out bonuses are forms ofcorruption. Any abuse of power for personal gain should be eradicated.


“What separates them from money managers?”


Xi used the term “financial keeper” to describe those officials who were convicted of corruptionand had to turn over the money embezzled or received in bribes after being investigated.


Be self-disciplined!


“It starts with me.”


Using himself as an example, Xi demanded China’s top-ranking officials take the lead inimplementing the eight-point rules against “extravagance, formalism and bureaucracy."


“Corrupt military officers are unqualified to supervise others.”


Xi made the remarks at a meeting of the Central Military Commission, demanding military officialsstay clean to set an example for the soldiers.


“(It is wrong) when you say stop talking and I heard nothing.”


Xi cited the remarks by some officials who willfully turn a blind eye to corruption.


“The hidden rules within the Party”


Xi said he knew of certain “rules” that have been used among Party members for years, forinstance, “a subordinate favors his superior who instead should provide shelter for follower”.


Power within the confines of the law.


“The sky won’t fall.”


Xi used this metaphor to emphasize everything will remain calm when a senior official is caughtand punished for breaking the law.


“Watch your words and toe the Party line.”


The words were made to urge Party members to govern both their words and actions in theconfines of constitutional laws and Party disciplines. No Party members can abuse their powers.


“I wonder where the officials got the magical tools.”


The remarks are made as Xi called for the harsh punishment of officials who hold multiple ID cardsor green cards from other countries. It has become a pattern for corrupt officials to send theirfamily members overseas.


No such thing as a political umbrella.


“Party members are forbidden to become dependents on higher-level officials.”


Xi made the remarks in an apparent move to have a zero-tolerance policy on cronyism orsycophancy within the Communist Party of China. Party members should work together on equalterms and never try to obtain higher positions by favoring superior officials.


“Never form cliques and factions.”


Xi warned the Party members against using political connections to gain unfair interests. Theremarks were made during an inspection visit to Hebei province, North China.


“Do you really think you live by social connections and bribery?”


Xi warned that social connections and bribery have hampered the development of a healthysociety. Equal opportunities are emphasized in this remark and therefore Party members shouldroot out the practice of abusing power, including bribery, cronyism and nepotism.


Don’t seek money-for-position deals.


“Some Party officials are obsessed with seeking political protection umbrellas andmaking social connections.” – June 26, 2014


Xi criticized the malpractice of election fraud that involves bribery, manipulation of election rules and“sale” of government official positions.


“It is evil for officials to use poverty-relief fund for higher-position deals.”


Xi said there were officials who embezzled public social security funds to buy their way into officialposts. He described those acts as “outrageously evil” and said officials caught doing those actsshould be punished harder.


Anti-graft campaign never rests.


“Don’t count the bill just yet!”


In this remark, Xi showed his determination to continue fighting corruption, asking officials not tocount the number of corrupt Party members that have been punished. According to Xi, the fight ison going.


“Has anti-corruption move slowed down the economy?”


Xi said it is wrong for people to think that the undergoing anti-corruption policies will shrinkconsumer demands, and even connect the pressures of the current economic downturn with theincreasing number of anti-corruption activities.