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Business Management & Intelligence

With the increasing complexity of today's business processes, more and more organizations deploy business management systems to integrate multiple departments and functions. In this way, global employees would like have a localized experience in their day-to-day jobs throughout the business cycle.
However, business management solution suppliers and multinational companies that deploy global business management solutions have to struggle with:

High costs associated with maintaining consistent, dynamic, high-quality content across languages and geographies
Huge investments in native user training
Limited in-country functional consultants across the entire spectrum of business processes
Ever-increasing competition in the business management solutions market
Demanding requirements of linguistic and functionality testing across multiple platforms

In addition, as complex multi-tier enterprise applications with rich user interfaces, business management (especially ERP) systems integrate all parts of a business, from manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, supply-chain, procurement, and IT, to accounting, marketing, human resources, customer relationship management and strategic management. This makes business management localization quite different from normal localization. In addition to ordinary linguistic expertise and IT-related knowledge, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of various business processes.

At LocaTran Translations, we are always ready to help our worldwide clients cope with these challenges with our:

Customer-oriented policy and service
Professional product lifecycle management
Large team of in-country linguistic experts complemented by functional consultants in each subject area
Strong domain knowledge about the entire spectrum of business processes
Extensive experience in the localization of business management applications and linguistic and functionality testing
Enormous business management-specific terminology database
Effective localization, project management and QA processes that have been proven by ten years of experience, suited to successfully cope with the linguistic and technical challenges of localization and engineering in the business management field.

LocaTran Translations is your one-stop shop for business management consumers and suppliers who are interested in operating their businesses on a global scale. We provide a comprehensive range of localization services, including:

Glossary and style guide development
Translation/localization of documentation (such as manuals, chip data sheets and data books, marketing brochures, and so on), online help, and system UI and database
Linguistic and technical review
Online or offline linguistic and functionality testing
Design and desktop publishing
QA Services

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