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Finance and Legal

To attract new customers and retain customer loyalty, organizations around the world must meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Therefore, the ability to deliver information in a wide range of target languages in accurate and context-appropriate translations is critical to the success of their businesses.
This is especially true in the financial and legal fields. In these fields, it is not simply about punctual project delivery; it is also crucial to take great care in handling terminology and data references. In addition, because societal views of banking, credit, debt, security and other special concepts vary from culture to culture, messages must be culturally appropriate. At the same time, drastic changes to laws and regulations also affect how our clients develop their products.

With its rich experience in banking, insurance, other financial services areas and legal translation areas, LocaTran Translations can help you achieve your localization objectives with flexible, integrated and professional localization solutions.

LocaTran Translations' solutions provide the necessary financial, legal and security industry subject-matter expertise to ensure content quality and regulation compliance.

Having an experienced and active partner with proven industry expertise, integrated localization and development capabilities, and global vision makes all the difference. LocaTran Translations can help you achieve your globalization vision with its:

Professional project management, reducing product-delivery time to global markets through efficient project operation.
Streamlined localization processes and technologies within your internal systems.
Leverage of LocaTran Translations' extensive network of production teams in Asia.
Integration of your own in-country resources into the review process, creating highly effective workflows that facilitate accurate review with lower levels of staff overhead.
Higher quality and accuracy at competitive prices.
Industry subject-matter expertise to ensure regulatory compliance.

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