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Electronics and Telecommunications

Electronics and telecommunications are among the most competitive industries in the world. To stay ahead of competitors, companies must frequently upgrade their products and promptly publish them, or constantly move into new markets emerging around the world. Some markets, like China and India, offer opportunities both for reducing production costs and for opening new markets. As telecom and electronics companies move into these new regions, they must address a variety of market challenges.
Telecom equipment and electronics are high-tech products that require high-quality documentation and special attention to detail. In addition, technologies in these two fields continuously evolve, leading to the fast development of brand new products. To succeed in the global market, companies must strive to improve customer experience, build a strong brand, and ensure their products are language-appropriate and compatible with local infrastructures and business practices. Meanwhile, they must provide documentation and support which is tailored to the needs, languages, and cultures of local users.

LocaTran Translations is a professional localization company that can provide you with excellent service. We have worked with many of the world's leading telecom and electronics companies, providing expertise in the localization of products and service information. Our localization experts in the telecom and electronics fields always keep updated with the latest news and technology information within these industries. With our in-depth knowledge and solid experience, we are able to offer the best translation and localization services for the full range of user resources, including printed documentation, online help files, graphical user interfaces, and so on. We are confident that LocaTran Translations is particularly suited to your industry, and we can help you successfully manage the challenges you may encounter during the globalization process by:

Ensuring content relevancy, consistency and accuracy
Accelerating global delivery of rapidly changing and precise content
Building brand messaging consistency across all content and delivery mechanisms
Reducing the overhead and inefficiencies of decentralized processes
Ensuring compliance with local legal requirements

LocaTran Translations also uses sophisticated and highly effective systems and processes to meet your specific needs. Having an experienced partner such as LocaTran Translations will help you to achieve your globalization objectives.

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