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Malay belongs to the family of Asian languages and it is today spoken in several countries across Asia in different varieties. Malay is spoken in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia (Indonesian is a variety of Malay), Singapore, Philippines, and in the Muslim parts in the South of Thailand. Malay is the official language in both Malaysia and Brunei and it is a national language in Singapore.

We only employ professional Malay translators with a proven experience in the translation industry. Our large network of translators gives us the possibility to assign native translators to each project of Malay translations. Our translators work in teams, constantly collaborating with each other under the supervision of experienced project managers.

LocaTran Translations are also able to accept sophisticated projects from a wide range of specializations like law, marketing, medicine, technology, finance, and others. We assign special translators to translate different projects.

LocaTran Translations offers translation services of Malay to many other languages or other languages to Malay, such as Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Italian and so on. Most of the translators are native speakers, which promise a top Malay translation service can be offered to our clients.

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