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We offer professional translation services for English to Russian, Russian to English, Russian to Chinese and Chinese to Russian language pairs. Also we translate Russian to and from any other world language.

Our team consists of expert Russian translators. All translators specialize in different fields such as legal, financial, technical, medical and others.

In the era of globalization, you definitely would want to consider to localize your website to Russian language! This is the most cost-effective investment you can make to expand your business!

We make it possible. Our translation process is flawless and hassle free.

Russian language facts
Over 160 million people speak Russian as first language.
Russian is a Slavic language with Ukrainian and Belarusian as closest relations.
Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, which is based on the Greek alphabet with some Hebrew letters to represent sounds alien to the Greek writing system.
Some characteristics of Russian language
Russian pronunciation
Russian is mostly phonetic. Most complications arise from its complex stress system. Stress is mobile and flexible and does not follow strict rules. The correct placement of stress is one of the major problems when learning Russian language.
There are 6 different cases in Russian language, inflection and declination are important features of Russian language.
Word order is flexible, as Russian is highly inflected.
In addition to tense and mood Russian verbs possess a feature called htmlect. They can be perfective or imperfective indicating if the action is completed.
Formal/informal address
Second person plural vy is used to show deference. Familiar second singular ty is only used when invited to do so or when speaking to a small child.