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Quality Assurance

LocaTran Translations implements a project manager responsibility system for the successful accomplishment of every project objective. The specified project manager, who functions as the sole contact person between clients and translators, assumes the responsibility of organizing and executing each link in the translation process, tracking the project schedule, providing feedback regarding associated problems, and guaranteeing the punctual delivery of translations.

High-quality translations and services drive the development of LocaTran Translations, where we constantly emphasize the maximization of client benefit. Thus, in our translation projects we strictly observe the operational process of “translation, review and proofreading” and adopt stringent quality-control measures before, during and after the translation. We want each and every project we produce to stand as a hallmark of excellence.

Education and training in TQM (Total Quality Management) and the concept of "quality first" are enforced among all our people, from the management to the linguists and reviewers.