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Marketing Translation Services

The translation of marketing and advertising materials is critical for multinational companies because it will affect the way the consumers perceive their companies. Successful marketing and advertising translations will facilitate customer engagement. Advertising and brand translations require special sensitivity and a deep understanding of the target audience in order to integrate symbolism, metaphors and emotional factors as part of an original, appealing marketing concept.

LocaTran Translations' marketing translation services will ease your company’s presence into the global market. With top quality advertising and marketing translations available in more than 80 languages, we have become China’s leading translation service provider. Our translators are well prepared to convey corporate message to the target audience, always with an understanding of needs and desires.

Our professional marketing translation services cover brochures, flyers, marketing and advertising scripts, websites, slogans, logos, company presentations, new-product announcements, press releases, e-books and more.

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