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Post-editing of machine translation output

Post-editing (PE) is the process of ‘fixing’ Machine Translation (MT) output to bring it closer to human translation standard.

Post-editing Levels

Post-editing quality levels vary greatly and will largely depend on the translations use. It’s important to get an exact understanding of user expectations and manage these expectations throughout the project.

Typically, users of Machine Translation will ask for one of the following types of post-editing:

- Light post-editing

- Full post-editing

The following diagram below gives us a general outline of what is involved in both light and full post-editing. Remember however, that the effort to achieve certain levels of quality will be determined by the output quality your engine is able to achieve.

Machine translation post-editing

Full Post-editing
Light Post-editing
Human Quality
MT Output
  • Lexical Errors
  • Syntax Errors
  • Less Obvious Errors
  • Appropriate Style
  • Fluency
Post-editor’s tasks

We shall ensure that the following tasks are performed by the post-editor:

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