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Translation Services

We at LocaTran Translations believe that language translation isn't just about the conversion of text. Instead, it's the most dynamic way to reach out; to communicate with people beyond national, cultural and linguistic barriers. Thus, our goal is to provide the most professional translations. We understand how a tiny mistake in the context of the translation can affect your business, so we strive to produce professional translations accurately and rapidly.

All our translations are done by linguists who are native in the target language. Being fully aware of the diverse local cultures and having up-to-date knowledge of developments and nuances in their native languages, they can quickly adjust the original message so that the target audience understands and benefits from it.

To ensure that the highest standard of quality is applied to every deliverable, we rely on long-term relationships with linguists who are experienced, reliable and motivated. We employ a strict quality-assurance process that not only facilitates optimum quality in current projects but also helps streamline our production in future projects.

Our translators

Our in-house team consists of more than 35 Chinese translators, backed up by a carefully selected network of more than 1,000 regularly tested freelancers.

Subject specialists

All our translators are qualified specialists in their chosen fields, so each has a complete understanding of the subject matter he or she translates. They're experienced professionals who work exclusively into their native tongue.

We guarantee

Document translation workflow

LocaTran Translations, a company with ISO 9001:2015 Quality certification, uses robust procedures to guarantee clear, concise translations. This international standard applies to processes and procedures for maintaining a Quality Management System. Our QA processes are defined and tracked to ensure we maintain the highest levels of quality.

  • Delivery to client
  • Implementation of client preferences
  • Develop schedule
  • Project assignment
  • Glossary development
  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Verification by client
  • QA
  • DTP

Our translation services include

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