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Legal Translation Services

LocaTran Translations is China’s leading provider of legal translation services to law firms and attorneys and government bodies in China and abroad. Whether it is contracts, insurance policies, or immigration documents, we offer you specialized knowledge and confidentiality for any type of legal translation.

Getting legal translations wrong could be fatal. To get them right, the translators require an in-depth knowledge of comparative law systems, which assists in their grasp of legal terminology and structures in an international context. We work only with professional translators who translate into their mother tongue exclusively and have solid knowledge of legal terminology, specific legal systems and comparative law. LocaTran Translations' legal translators have a comprehensive understanding of their local legal systems as well as the source and target languages.

LocaTran Translations has experience in dealing with all aspects of legal translation. We translate all types of legal documents:

  • Contracts
  • Insurance policies
  • Immigration documents
  • Articles of association
  • Powers of attorney
  • Deeds and wills
  • Witness statements
  • Laws and codes of practice

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