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Translation Technology

Terminology Management

The use of correct, validated terminology during the translation process ensures consistency and increases quality while limiting the need to rework the product. It is therefore critical to create, manage and maintain terminology in all languages.

Our approach:

  • The LocaTran Translations team will work with you to establish an approved terminology in the source language(s).
  • Based on this key source terminology, our linguists create the appropriate terminology in all target languages.
  • Your in-country specialists validate and approve the terminology in their languages.
  • After translation, we use a special QA process to check the use of the validated terminology.
TM Management

A TM (Translation Memory) is a linguistic database that continually captures your translations as you work, so that they can be used in future projects. All previous translations are accumulated within the translation memory (in source-and-target language pairs called translation units) and reused so that you never have to translate the same sentence twice. The more you build up your translation memory, the faster you can translate subsequent translations, enabling you to take on more projects and increase your revenue.

LocaTran Translations saves you time and money while maintaining our high-quality human translation and editing standards.

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