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Education & e-Learning

International staff, customers and partners prefer to be trained in their local languages with localized training materials, and the learner's experience is a key competitive measure that differentiates players in the training industry. Rapidly changing business requirements, competitive pressures and technological advancements make education, training and e-learning initiatives critical to your competitiveness. Providing localized training via the web or other methods increases their satisfaction because of the convenience and the readability of the localized content.
However, there are many challenges in implementing education, training and e-learning solutions, such as:

Inconsistent communication across different languages
Shorter release cycles and more frequent technology updates
Limited in-country resources for translating and reviewing, and lack of cultural and legal understandings in different countries and languages
Delays between source content updates and local training material updates
Multiple file types, such as video, audio, images, Flash animation, PDFs, etc.

LocaTran Translations is always here to help you meet these challenges with its:

Integration of localization processes and technologies with your internal systems
Leverage of LocaTran Translations' worldwide network of production teams, ensuring that accurate local market knowledge is effectively applied to localization processes
Integration of your own in-country resources into review processes, creating highly effective workflows that facilitate accurate review with lower levels of staff overhead
Shrinking product delivery to global markets through effective project operation
Experienced team members who are able to handle popular file types in education, training and e- learning areas.

We consider ourselves a valued partner in your global product and training strategy. Our commitment to our clients is building sustainable, long-term strategies for managing your global products, user-assistance materials and training content for different markets, languages and cultures. This is exemplified in our full-service translation, editing and engineering services, such as:

Glossary and style guide development
Translation, editing and proofreading
Design and desktop publishing
Reprint/QA services
Online editorial services
Interpretation services
Voiceover/dubbing and recording services

During the localization and translation process, we have:

Translators who are target-language native speakers with extensive experience in education, training, e-learning content and other domains.
Complied with our own strict guidelines to develop quality management systems specific to this industry.
Maintained an extensive network of Subject Matter Experts (SME) who can perform independent cultural reviews of training materials.
Excellent project managers who are experts in communicating, scheduling and coordinating the wide variety of resources needed in localization projects.
The ability to support all native content authoring, capture and simulation tools.
In-house and contracted support for audio translation, recording and engineering to meet a wide variety of quality and price requirements.
Video recording and multimedia capabilities our clients can count on.

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